freedom is what I define
in my mind and raw soul
dirty carcass mostrosity
will we ever be free
from the salt and pepper shakers
Every fresh morning
another tradition rots
they are bulldozing history in giant lots of 10
WE are not men, we are not women
we are human we are equal
in every Disney sequel
We are not evil, we are not tame
we will never surrender to fame or the game plan
as long as I am free you can never make me ugly, old or depraved.
I have not misbehaved and lied
and then that feeling comes
that all your freedoms died

– Lauren Kurtis copyright 2010



Scarred by the glitter
through morning till dusk
Take a polaroid
and suddenly you’re a star
take it, take the car for a ride
You cannot hide
from the flash bulb, the flash bulb
that the earth orbits round
I shiver to the sound of another Mary Hart morning
Celebrity is dying now let it rest
No more beating your chest for a piece of the cake
No more wishing and hoping to be burnt by the stake
when you see what’s right and wrong and truly vulgar
you will never, ever, ever want to linger in a world
of spit and shine
In the real world you’ll never be left behind.
– Lauren Kurtis copyright 2010